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Dear all,

You are hereby invited to attend the first "Know Your Bay" event of the year, jointly organised by the Algoa Bay Hope Spot initiative and WESSA.

On Wednesday 24th of February, from 17:30, at Bayworld, we will hear about our estuaries in Algoa Bay. Our invited speakers are Dr Nadine Strydom, NMMU researcher specialised in the ecology of estuaries, and Jenny Rump from the Zwartkops Conservancy, that show us the immense efforts the Conservancy is making to save the Swartkops river. 

We will also give you an update and answer your questions on the proposed Addo Marine Protected Area gazetted last week, and the plans for the fish farm.

Please feel free to circulate the invite widely.



Dr Lorien Pichegru

Coastal and Marine Research Institute, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Port Elizabeth.

Algoa Bay Hope Spot chairperson


Hello All,

Compliments of the Season to you.

Having survived 2015 we thought it key to summarise the progress that the Baakens Valley Action Committee has made. As with all newly established groups, the settling in period can be challenging and our committee has certainly not been any different. Tuckman’s four stages of development, namely Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing have held true. The committee has met formally on a half dozen occasions and had some rather “interesting” debate about our way forward. Through this period though, one very clear and common trait has prevailed, the committees absolute resolve to claim back our valley!  

As previously mention at our launch, BVA is determined to make changes that matter and summarised this through our intended approach of Synergy with existing user groups and Strategic focus that will deliver Sustainable results.

To this end we have met with Mark Anstey who is going to aid the Committee in formalising both our Business Plan and Modus Operandi. Mark is a well-respected and internationally renowned negotiator and his input will aid our credibility when we start partnering with the various stakeholders involved in the valley.

Further to this, BVA have been liaising with both Fattracks Mountain Bike Club and Achilles Amateur Athletics on various valley initiatives. Fattracks have designed a suitable sign and got agreement from Parks for this to be erected so that families can enjoy some of the beautiful cycling trails on offer without the fear taking a wrong turn. Achilles have used the same sign design to demarcate their trail running routes, although theirs differs with the use of a blue arrow. All three parties have also met to discuss both maintenance of existing trails and cutting new ones to suit multi users.

Late last year, BVA partnered with Fattracks, Achilles and Body Concept to conduct its first Trail running and Mountain Biking Schools Workshop. The event was a resounding success with both parents and children from Claredon Park Primary enjoying what the valley has to offer. Opportunity was taken to outline the basics of both sports and importantly on basic valley etiquette. It’s estimated that 230 people attended the event which will shortly be run at Theodore Herzl  before being repeated at other schools that make use of the Valley. These activities bring feet to our valley which are essential in keeping vigilance and reminding all Port Elizabethans of how fortunate we are to have such a fantastic resource run through the center of our City.

On this note, and after much discussion, your committee has decided to concentrate its efforts in 2016 to lobby for the declaration of the Greater Baakens Valley as a formal reserve. Many might have thought this to already be the case but the area is actually predominately commonage and as such managed by local government. In lobbying for it to become a reserve, we effectively force national statutes to come into play which it is hoped will put pressure on government to deliver on many of the valley orientated responsibilities which it has failed to deliver on. The decision to lobby is not one taken lightly and will rely on your involvement in attaining the relevant support. The benefit of achieving this qualification for the Baakens Valley is one that will assure both current and future valley users of a clean, safe and accessible reserve. We look forward to sharing updates as they become available, these will be predominately shared via emails, our Facebook page Baakens Valley Action and here on our website.

Encourage your family and friends to “like” our Facebook page, every bit of awareness helps.


The BVA Committee.


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DO NOT walk in the Baakens Valley alone, Rangers for walkers
11 February 2018

Rangers for walkers, do not walk alone

Weeping bottle-brush
23 November 2015

An invasive specie we all know and many have these growing on the property or verge. The weeping bottle-brush or Callistemon viminalis. It is category 1 b in Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-natal, Limpopo and Mpumalanga, category 3 in the rest of the country.